Changing the way you see IT!

    At TI Solutions our goal is to simplify Information Technology for our clients. As technology becomes more complex, it is our mission to ensure that the IT experience for our clients does not. Many, if not all businesses today could cut their costs, increase their profits, and nurture healthy growth, if they only knew how to harness the power of today’s most innovative technology. However, this technology is complex and can be expensive to purchase and maintain. That’s where we come in. TI Solutions enables clients to reap the benefits of today’s technology without worrying about the cost and complexity of it.
    Whatever the IT needs of your business, we have the solutions. The most common solution for many organizations these days is the migration of their IT infrastructure to “the cloud”. Solutions such as migrating desktops, servers, storage, networking and applications to virtual private data centers can no doubt cut cost, increase profits, and nurture healthy growth. However the nature and complexity of such changes could cripple a business if not managed professionally. At TI Solutions we pride ourselves on developing trusted partnerships with our clients and professionally managing the complexity of today’s technology so that they don’t have to. The provision of such services is sophistication in its simplest form and sets us apart from other IT service providers.


Many of our clients have their own IT staff and use TI Solutions purely as a consulting partner to assist with complex issues or simply in busy times. Our consultants are the best in the business and embody a  passion for problem solving. We are happy to provide our expertise on demand, and in whatever capacity meets your needs.


At TI Solutions we help new businesses design and create customized, innovative networks, and assist existing businesses to modify and improve their current infrastructure, according to their specific needs. These solutions include on-site
infrastructures, hosted virtual networks, or anything in between, depending on the clients needs. 


We provide the entire spectrum of managed services customized to each client's individual needs. We do however advocate  our complete managed solutions as we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and our ability to consistently provide reliable, secure, and efficient IT support and services 24/7. Let us take care of it, allowing you to focus on what you do best.